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Is Cryptocurrency legal in Malaysia?

Is cryptocurrency legal in Malaysia, if so what are the regulations in place

Malaysia is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. With an average economic growth rate of 5.4% for the past ten years as said by the World Bank. With a booming upper middle class it would be no surprise that Malaysia would also try to take steps in innovation. When it comes to Cryptocurrency Malaysia is also taking steps to integrate it into the economy. By putting in laws and regulations to better aid the cryptocurrency market.

What currency does Malaysia use?

Everything you need to know about the Malaysian currency:

Dealing with an unknown currency is one of the most common challenges a traveler faces when they step into a new country. Essentially, the first thing that calls for your utmost attention is getting local currency without paying a hefty sum of profit to the middleman. Being a newcomer in the country, you are always doing exchange rate calculations in your head, and then you fumble for the right amount of money while keeping a queue of people waiting behind you.

Products and Services Offered by Ambank


In this article we’ll give a quick introduction to the banking products and services, provided by the Ambank to its customers in Malaysia.

AmBank Islamic Banking Products in Malaysia

A review of Islamic banking services offered by AmBank through its offices across the country.

Alliance Bank Banking Hours in Malaysia

Alliance-islamic-bank-malaysiaAll branches in Peninsula Malaysia except those specifically stated below will be open for
business based at the times listed below.

Maybank working hours

menara_maybank-bank-malaysiaBelow are Maybank’s branches with Mon – Fri daily banking & office hours listed by state in Malaysia.

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